[SDL] SDL Digest, Vol 12, Issue 32

Clemens Kirchgatterer clemens at 1541.org
Wed Dec 26 05:02:05 PST 2007

James Barrett <xucaen at gmail.com> wrote:

> renjith kumar wrote:
> >  *** glibc detected *** ./sample: free(): invalid pointer:
> > 0xbf8242b8 ***
> I get this same error when my program exits. I've been ignoring it
> because I thought maybe SDL_FreeSurface (or some other sdl free
> function) was getting called more than once for the same pointer.

ignoring it is not very good practice, you have a bug in your code that
might come back at some later time and bite you.

i suggest the usage of valgrind (for both of you).

best regards ...

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