[SDL] The "make" error of smpeg 0.4.4 in MPEGaudio.cpp

r96128 r96128 at csie.ntu.edu.tw
Sat Dec 15 09:20:48 PST 2007

Hello all 
I have installed the package of SDL 1.2 on my fedora core 6 , 
and then I download the SMPEG of 0.4.4 
when I type ./configure and then type "make" in the directory 
it showes 
MPEGaudio.cpp: In member function 'bool MPEGaudio::WantedSpec 
MPEGaudio.cpp:107: error: 'Play_MPEGaudioSDL' was not declared in this scope 
MPEGaudio.cpp: In member function 'void MPEGaudio::StartDecoding()': 
MPEGaudio.cpp:156: error: 'Decode_MPEGaudio' was not declared in this scope 

how can I solve this problem ? thanks!  

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