[SDL] Is libgw32c needed to build SDL apps with mingw?

David Bruce dbruce at tampabay.rr.com
Thu Dec 13 10:19:32 PST 2007


I make my Windows builds of TuxMath and TuxType by cross-building on my Debian 
machine, using the Debian packages for mingw32, mingw32-runtime, and 
mingw32-binutils.  Both programs use SDL, SDL_image, SDL_mixer, and SDL_ttf.  
The cross-build uses libgw32c.  I have recently successfully added gnu 
gettext to TuxMath on Linux, but have had trouble on Windows, as the first 
call to gettext crashes the program.  I suspect the problem is that I am 
using libgw32c - the gettext maintainer says that using gettext with libw32c 
is not supported, and the mingw folks have suggested that I get rid of it, as 
the mingw32-runtime should provide the functionality I need.

So, before getting into any specifics of my build environment, etc, just a 
couple of general questions:

1. Can SDL apps be built in an MSYS-MinGW environment without libgw32c?
2. If #1 is possible, is there any reason why the same cannot be accomplished 
in a Linux-based crossbuild?

Thanks for help.

David Bruce

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