[SDL] SDL 1.3 - a couple of mousey questions

neil at cloudsprinter.com neil at cloudsprinter.com
Wed Dec 12 07:43:19 PST 2007

here i assume /more than one mouse/ support is currently avaiable in SDL 1.3

I am figuring out / doing a 2 player version a game i am working on, using two
mice for gameplay is ringing in my ears right now, sounds great.. first i am
going to get a single turn by turn player working first on one mouse.. then
perhaps delve into SDL 1.3  what i really need to know is

how much has ( if anything ) changed on the event loop, how do i ask the
seperate mice what they are doing?

what mice will be usable? a ps/2 and a usb? 2 usb mice? where does this info
come from?

what about SDL_Pointer? are two mouse pointers displayed if there are two mice?

anyone can give me any insight into what is going on with the two mice thing so
i can keep it in the back of my mind as i develop the game please.

i did try to install sdl1.3 a month or so back but failed.... just want to know
if it is worth my while yet.

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