[SDL] ALSA midi support in SDL_mixer?

Stephen Anthony sa666666 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 7 20:18:48 PST 2007

I was wondering if there were any plans to add ALSA midi support to 
SDL_mixer.  It seems that it only supports Timidity (software midi) 
or /dev/sequencer (hardware midi in OSS).   However, Timidity tends to 
not sound very good and is CPU intensive.  And /dev/sequencer support 
doesn't currently work in ALSA using oss-seq emulation (and the support 
has been removed from OSS anyway).

Since ALSA seems to be the way forward for sound in Linux, has anyone 
ever attempted this?  Is it worth my time to investigate this, or will 
SDL_mixer be replaced soon by SDL 1.3??


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