[SDL] SDL_Surface to SDL_image's RWops

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Fri Sep 29 08:57:44 PDT 2006

> Hi, it's my second question of the day. Is there any function to convert
> from SDL_Surface to a type of image RWops (like png, jpg, tga, gif, etc)?

SDL_image only reads these formats, but there are open source libraries 
you can use to convert a memory buffer (such as surface->pixels) to any 
of these formats, though.

Here's one that glues all of them into one library that handles multiple 
formats, like SDL_image does for reading:


Coincidentally, FreeImage is what Google Earth uses for most of its 
image processing on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. In many cases, it's 
just a unified API over things like libpng, libjpeg-6b, libtiff, etc, so 
if there's a specific format you want, it might be more lightweight to 
get one of the specific libraries.

I'm sure there are other libraries that do something similar to 
freeimage, too.


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