[SDL] loading xpm from memory

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Tue Sep 26 21:51:58 PDT 2006

> 1) At some files, i got this error: colour parse error , but these files
> should be correct, cuz imageviewer programs (i use eeyes and display) can
> display it. Some files of them are here: http://12E7041.ath.cx/xpm/ . What
> can be the problem?

I haven't checked, but they're likely broken, and display/eeyes are 
filling in best guesses for the missing color values.

> 2) I want to load a lots of (e. g. 40- 50) xpms, and refresh them a lots
> of times. Certainly after 5- 6 refresh i got back this error: couldn' t
> open xpm file. I bet this is cuz of the lots of open file. Is there any
> way to load xpm files from memory? What is the method to store them in the
> memory, and second time to load from there?

First, is there a good reason to reload them? Are they changing? Save 
the SDL_Surfaces from IMG_Load* instead, if the data isn't actually 

Some notes on the code:

> void ikonkirak(SDL_Surface *surface, SDL_Surface *ikonimage, char *nev,
>                int x, int y)

Should "SDL_Surface *ikonimage" actually be "SDL_Surface **ikonimage"?

Right now you're allocating a surface in this function, and leaking it, 
since ikonimage is a temporary variable. If your intention was to return 
the SDL_Surface to the calling function, you aren't doing that here.

> {
>  SDL_RWops *rwop;
> // rwop = SDL_RWFromFile("/usr/share/pixmaps/pstree16.xpm", "rb");
>  rwop = SDL_RWFromFile(nev, "rb");

Use SDL_RWFromConstMem() if you want it from a buffer in RAM instead of 
a file.

>  ikonimage = IMG_LoadXPM_RW(rwop);

Alternately, you can use IMG_ReadXPMFromArray() instead of a RWOPS, but 
this only works with XPM files...you probably should make this generic 
so you can use something other than XPM in the future, and should use 
IMG_Load_RW() and let SDL_image figure out what type of image format you 
are feeding it.

Also, if you meant to return the SDL_Surface to the caller, you should 
have done: "*ikonimage =" ... actually, you'd need "*ikonimage" 
everywhere in this function.

You'll also want to free the RWOPS, which is why you're running out of 
file handles:


>  if (!ikonimage)
>  {
>   printf("Hiba!: %s\n", IMG_GetError());
>  } else
>  {
>   SDL_Rect dest = {x, y, 16, 16};
>   SDL_BlitSurface(ikonimage, NULL, surface, &dest);
>  }
> }

(And if you don't want to return the surface to the caller, you'll want 
to use SDL_FreeSurface() when you are done with it!)

But if these XPMs aren't changing, you really should save the surfaces 
instead of reloading them every time.


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