[SDL] dodgy touch pads + tuxpaint + neil ramble

Neil White neil at cloudsprinter.com
Thu Sep 21 04:52:26 PDT 2006

*-> That is, SDL (and, hence, Tux Paint) does not recognize things like:
*->   * pressure
*->   * eraser
*->   * tilt

*-> But, again, you'll be missing the nifty stuff listed above.

this thing support has ps/2 serial and usb dont know why it is getting confused

does anyone use scroll wheels in SDL should it not be the same sort of thing?

*-> Anyone working on supporting those in SDL, at least across Windows, Linux
*-> and maybe Mac OS X?  (Do people still use that?)

i would imagine there are some nice tablets in use somewhere, but these 'home
computer' things are a bit clunky, but would be nice to have running fully
featured in sdl.

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