[SDL] Tanya LaTeX

Jeff j_post at pacbell.net
Tue Sep 19 21:36:01 PDT 2006

On Tue September 19 2006 20:48, benang at cs.its.ac.id wrote:
> Okay, what I'm trying to ask was where can I find resources  about LaTeX
> either for beginner, advanced, or expert. It would be better if it is an
> interactive one such as a maillist or forum. Thanks. Been struggling with
> no direction on LaTeX these past few weeks.
A really good free reference (in several languages) is at:

Several useful links can be found at:

You might also want to look at "Learning LaTeX" by David Griffiths and Desmond 
Higham (ISBN 0-89871-383-8). It is by no means a comprehensive book, but it's 
a good get-your-feet wet introduction to LaTeX.

It would be a good idea to learn some basics before joining a maillist, 
otherwise you might be perceived as someone who hasn't RTFM. If you have 
programming experience, the above materials should be sufficient to have you 
writing tex files without further assistance.

Since this is off topic, if you have other questions please email me 


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