[SDL] FPS Counter?

Andre Krause post at andre-krause.net
Sun Sep 17 00:59:36 PDT 2006

DARKGuy . wrote:
> Hi again! xD... my game's progressing awesomely thanks to all of you ^_^
> hehe... o.o but now I wonder xD I've been through google, lazy foo's
> tutorials, Aaron's SDL tutorials, and such, searching for an FPS counter
> code and I haven't found any, and in lazy foo's site the code is too old
> and it throws errors in SDL (it uses "timers"? which I supposed SDL had
> =/ ). Going through google all I can find are pseudo-codes and theories,
> but no example whatsoever :(. Does anybody here has a simple FPS counter
> that can share please? ^^...
> Thanks in advance :)
> - DARKGuy
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if you need computer-speed independet animations, then one definitely
should have a look at the article from www.gaffer.org:


this article gave me some breakthroughs for my little projects. fixing
the timestep makes life so much easier...

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