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Alex Barry alex.barry at gmail.com
Tue Sep 12 08:10:20 PDT 2006

Does Unix OpenGL include the MESA drivers?

On 9/12/06, Sam Lantinga <slouken at devolution.com> wrote:
> Just a little update, SDL 1.3 is available for playing with as a preview
> snapshot here: http://www.libsdl.org/tmp/SDL-1.3.zip
> Ryan has added a number of audio improvements, mostly with new 32-bit and
> float audio formats, and I have continued to solidify the updated 2D video
> API.  There are a lot of pieces still in flux, but feel free to check it
> out and voice your thoughts on the progress so far.
> Currently the following video drivers are supported:
> Windows: OpenGL, Direct3D 9, GDI
> Mac OS X: OpenGL
> UNIX: OpenGL
> General: Software on top of existing video drivers
> Notice that the 3D drivers are implemented first, to make sure the new
> API takes advantage of full 3D hardware acceleration, when available.
> You can play with the files testwm2.c, testsprite2.c, testgl2.c in the
> test directory to see some examples of using the new video API.
> There are quite a few bugs and patches waiting in bugzilla, and as I
> have time, I'll be adding them to subversion, thanks everyone!  Currently
> my hands are full working on the expansion for World of Warcraft, and
> getting ready for my family to all start school this fall. :)
> Enjoy!
>         -Sam Lantinga, Senior Software Engineer, Blizzard Entertainment
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