[SDL] Refresh rate patch - worth it?

Sam Lantinga slouken at devolution.com
Tue Sep 12 01:41:14 PDT 2006

> I quickly hacked SDL to be able to request a specific refresh rate for
> the windib driver. It seems to work. The parameter is passed through an
> environment variable so there are absolutely no API changes.

> The question is, I've done this in SDL 1.2 - should I submit a patch? Or
> is 1.2 considered legacy already and not worth patching? Or is this
> feature useless for everyone except me?

To answer your question, feel free to post a link to a patch.  It won't
be included in the official SDL releases, but I'm guessing lots of people
will appreciate it.

Also, if you have time, I'd be curious on your feedback on the SDL 1.3
snapshot I mentioned earlier, as well as checking out it's 1.2 compatibility
for your application.

	-Sam Lantinga, Senior Software Engineer, Blizzard Entertainment

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