[SDL] Non-network lag?

L-28C leo28c at gmail.com
Sun Sep 10 17:18:03 PDT 2006

Hey Alan! :-D
You mean like this:

// Main game loop
while (true)
	// Get the current time
	float newTime = (float) SDL_GetTicks();

	float deltaTime = newTime - currentTime;
	currentTime = newTime;

	accumulator += deltaTime;

	while (accumulator >= dt)
		t += dt;
		accumulator -= dt;



That's what I have...  Thanks!

Alan Wolfe wrote:
> Hey Leo, do you have any "fixed rate" logic in your game?
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> Hello everyone!
> OK, my game runs fine on a 2.8GHz laptop, but it runs kinda skippy on 
> another 1.4GHz comp...  I mean, both run at the same actual speed... 
> Like, if I put them both at the right side of the screen and push the 
> Left key at the same time, they both get to the left side at the same 
> time...  But the 1.4GHz is laggy...  Is there a common workaround to 
> this, or should I post some code?  Thanks! ;-)

~ Leo, M@$73r L3170, Sulfurik, Kixdemp, L-28C... Whatever you wanna call me.

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