[SDL] SDL_Video - Help with fullscreen, suppressed mouse

Torsten Giebl wizard at syntheticsw.com
Thu Sep 7 10:25:19 PDT 2006

Hello !

> I think the reason for the slow response is just that your problem is
> not known to any of us. We're as helpless about it as you are. And if
> nobody happens to have time to try to reproduce it, and if successful,
> debug it - sorry, but you just have to live with that in an open source
> project.
> For the record, my primary SDL application (http://pipmak.sf.net/) works
> just fine on Windows in fullscreen with hidden mouse cursor - and as far as
> I imagine, countless others do as well. But since Windows is not my
> main OS (I'm cross-compiling the Windows version on Mac OS X), I don't
> think I can be of much help in this cause.

As in my last email on my system with DirectX everything works okay.
But when using GDI SDL_ShowCursor when switching between ENABLED
/DISABLED or vice versa it centers the MouseCursor in Fullscreen Mode
and as he uses in his mainloop MouseCursor SwitchOn/Off every loop
SDL always centers the MouseCursor before asking for Events.

I am interested if other people with Windows and using GDI with SDL
could reproduce this problem.


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