[SDL] Converting SDL_Overlay YUV->RGB + copy into arbitraryrendering buffer

Mohnhaupt, Denis Denis.Mohnhaupt at philotech.de
Thu Sep 7 10:23:01 PDT 2006

Hi Sami,

thanks for your response

>>You should modify the ffplay to produce you a RGB buffer instead. You 
>>don't need SDL(Surface) to do this.

>>Use the img_convert() of the libavcodec for that.

>>libav* API document

In order to do that I would have to deeply dig into the entrails of
I checked out your idea and it could only work if I would heavily modify
the core functionality. After trying something in that direction, I
don't think I will get this right. In ffplay.c they don't call
img_convert but some sws_scale function, which probably encapsulates
img_convert and does a lot of other stuff. I am not really a video
expert, so there is a lot that I do not understand.

Isn't there a possibility which converts a yuv-surface into a

>>Even better is to make your own YUV conversion fragment shader and it 
>>will do the conversion with GPU. Thus saving a lot of CPU power.

That's another good idea, unfortunately the target system has far more
cpu than gpu power and is not quite up to date...

Kind regards,

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