[SDL] need some help...

Peter Mulholland darkmatter at freeuk.com
Thu Sep 7 04:22:25 PDT 2006

Hello SlntHero,

Thursday, September 7, 2006, 12:22:31 AM, you wrote:

> SDL_mixer "Mix_PlayMusic" crash issue, need some help...

You have asked this before a few times. It's been established that
there must be some kind of bug in newer builds of SDL_mixer with
SMPEG. The solution is to switch to Vorbis which works.

The problem is filed in Bugzilla and will be looked at when ryan can
do it. Unless you can provide more info (such as exactly where it
crashes inside SDL_mixer or SMPEG), it is not going to get resolved
any quicker.

As others have said, multiple posting about the issue is only going to
annoy people.

Best regards,
 Peter                            mailto:darkmatter at freeuk.com

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