[SDL] SDL 1.3 and rendering API state management

Johannes Schmidt sdl at myrealbox.com
Wed Sep 6 16:11:56 PDT 2006

Dear Bob,

sorry, shouldn't be an offense!
I highly appreciate your contributions to SDL and the mailing list.

Le Mercredi 6 Septembre 2006 23:01, Bob Pendleton a écrit :
> > > This way you can have any mixture 
> > > of 2D and 3D on the screen that you want.
> > No, you are kidding, right?
> What part do you think I was kidding about. I have everything I
> described working based on the SDL 1.2 code base.

Just the part of mixing 2D and 3D.
(I don't like out of context replies, so I snipped probably too less. I tried 
to make it clearer).
All the other parts are great.

> > Honestly, the best way is to choose one graphics lib (OpenGL, whatever)
> > and get your toolkit to use this for all of your drawings.
> That is not always the case. It makes perfect sense to implement a drop
> down menu as a 2D window that is drawn on top of all other windows. Not
> even hard to do using any modern windowing system.

Perfectly true.
It's just that I have seen too many apps starting with this concept, but 
getting more and more cluttered with exceptions when extending the UI to 
other parts of the screen.

> > It took me just a few hours to get a basic OpenGL backend for Cairo,
> > another 1.5h to get alpha blending and higher level stuff (patterns,
> > gradients) right (and I haven't used cairo before).
> That is great, good for you. Does that have anything to do with SDL?

Of course, if one reads just _this_ sentence, this seems to be very arrogant. 
But keep cool, the only purpose is to say that the above (using only one 
graphics target) may be/is easier, e.g. with Cairo (see below) than taking 
care of mixing 2D and 3D. And this even if you don't know too much about 2D 
rendering techniques (the given phrase), like, for example, me.
> > You can strip off most of cairo to get a small vector graphics lib for
> > every  
> > graphics backend you want. OpenGL wasn't that hard, D3D should work as 
> > well ...
> > (and with Mozilla and GTK going for cairo, it should be possible to render 
> > those components in your window ...)


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