[SDL] SDL_Video - Help with fullscreen, suppressed mouse and mouse click coords

benang at cs.its.ac.id benang at cs.its.ac.id
Wed Sep 6 03:40:29 PDT 2006

If I remembered correctly, the problem is not in the mouse click, but the
touchscreen click because I'm having the same problem. I've just written
and sent an e-mail about this. Sorry, I didn't know that Damian
Sobieralski (the originator of "[SDL] Fullscreen with mouse pointer
suppressed" e-mail) has written another e-mail.

AFAIK, the problem is: if the application is using a touchscreen as an
input, if it gets fullscreened and the mouse pointer is hidden, the
touchscreen's click coordinate is gone haywire. I've just thought about a
way to workaround this. I' planning to create a new mouse pointer with all
transparent color. Dunno if it willl work or not.

> Worked okay for me. I downloaded the latest version of SDL for windows
> just
> now.
> Sample output:
> Initializing SDL.
> SDL initialized.
> Screen set to resolution 1280, 1024
> mouse click at 0, 0
> mouse click at 727, 430
> mouse click at 881, 156
> mouse click at 340, 511
> mouse click at 186, 0
> mouse click at 68, 0
> mouse click at 37, 0
> mouse click at 752, 779
> escape key down is pressed
> escape key up is pressed
> p key down is pressed
> p key up is pressed
> q key down is pressed
> q key up is pressed
> Why do you turn on and off the mouse like that? I tried it again putting
> the
> call to SDL_ShowCursor before the main loop, as I imagine your actual code
> does, and it still worked.
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