[SDL] problem with a sdl-ttf-function (bug?)

OldSam sam at leetworld.net
Wed Sep 27 00:55:59 PDT 2006

Thanks, David. You said the magic words "What's the OpenGL blend 
function you're using for rendering?" and after some googling found 

I was happy to find the following code because it took me ages to get 
transparecy to work.
glAlphaFunc(GL_GREATER, 0.1f);

but I should have been using


And now it is all sorted



David Olofson wrote:

>On Monday 04 September 2006 14:37, Glenn McCord wrote:
>>I made these really nice looking .png images with shading and drop 
>>shadows. I'm using them to make a menu for my application.
>>But when I texture map them with the help of SDL_Image I lose a lot
>>of detail. It's quite pixelated and my drop shadows have
>>disappeared. The size of the textured objects on screen are fairly
>>close to the actual size of the image.
>>Is this just a limitation or is there a texturing technique that
>>I've missed? Nearest filtering and mipmapping give the same results.
>Mipmapping could explain the pixelated part, but if you've really 
>ruled that out, I have no idea... Well, try not building the mipmaps 
>at all, just in case! Unless you're actually using mipmapping, the 
>original texture should be all you need.
>Are you sure the drop shadows and stuff are actually in the .png? Some 
>applications have somewhat strange default settings when exporting to 
>foreign file formats, so perhaps you're losing some layers and/or the 
>alpha channel in the export process. I also have a faint memory of 
>some version of GIMP I used screwing up when exporting multilayered 
>images, so I had to manually merge down to a single layer first.
>What's the OpenGL blend function you're using for rendering?
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