[SDL] loading xpm from memory

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Tue Sep 26 04:54:36 PDT 2006

My thoughts exactly. Xorg, GStreamer, etc don't provide plugin 
interfaces for the developers health. SDL provides cross platform, 
video/audio output (and possibly input) API. Hiding away valuable 
hardware capabilities is a complete waste of resources. Who cares if you 
use an accelerated backend if all you can do is standard blits. Alpha 
blending, rotation, scaling (or simple geometry drawling)... those are 
all basic things done in just about every game in the last 10 years. Why 
must you jump through hoops or reinvent the wheel to use them in SDL?

Stephane Marchesin wrote:

> No, as soon as you want to hardware accelerate the new functionality, 
> you have to have a least some hook to the internals.
> Say, for example the hardware exposes a rotation function that goes 
> unused by the current SDL code. If you don't want rotation support in 
> SDL itself, but in an external library, you have to do it in software. 
> That's because SDL doesn't expose the hardware's rotation function.
> On the other hand, if you have access to internal hooks through some 
> plugin interface, you're now able to provide hardware acceleration for 
> the new functionality. And really, you don't want things like 
> rotation/scaling without acceleration, because they'd be pretty useless 
> then.
> Stephane
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