[SDL] Strange crash....with W2K with free on SDL_Mixer

terence tan terence_tan at posdreams.com
Sat Sep 23 07:41:14 PDT 2006

Hello !

>> I'm in favor of 1.
> Yeah, I'm leaning towards that one too.
> Doesn't feel quite right to bypass everything, including display
> setup, but then again, if the renderer "plugin" API is made public, you can
> basically just rip that code from SDL. Not exactly megabytes of code
> anyway! :-)
> The advantages seem to be major ones, though - and it solves the SDL
> 2D vs external renderer "extension" conflicts in a clean and
> potentially very efficient way. (No extra cost for mixing SDL 2D and
> "extended" calls, as both are wired to the same renderer.)

I can image a plugin system like in XMMS, GIMP or other apps.
But it is hard for me how such a system could be used in SDL.

How is the state problem solved here ?

I look at how SDL inits the states
and copy these settings in my code ?

What about people that do not use 3D ?

What about bugfixes in the SDL code ?


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