[SDL] RotoZoom is great, but...

Torsten Giebl wizard at syntheticsw.com
Sat Sep 2 09:37:37 PDT 2006

Hello !

> In a message dated 9/2/2006 12:22:30 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,
> wizard at syntheticsw.com writes:
>> SDL_Surface *temp = SpriteBMP[spriteNumber];
> does not copy the original  surface from SpriteBMP [spriteNumber] into
> temp, it just sets temp with the  reference to SpriteBMP ...
> Then the first time you free the original  surface and
> the 2nd time try to rotate a NULL  surface.
> Hi, how i fix above problem ?  thanks I am alttle stupid and  really need
>  help with this!

Just delete the line with SDL_FreeSurface (temp) in your function.
I do not know how big your coding background is,
if SDL is just a new API to learn for you or if this
is your first programm in C/C++ or your first programm ever.

So maybe if you have problems to understand this pointer stuff
try to get a good book about C programming.


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