[SDL] RotoZoom is great, but...

SlntHero at aol.com SlntHero at aol.com
Sat Sep 2 07:17:40 PDT 2006

void Visuals::DisplayBMPonScreenBufferRotoZoom(Sint8 spriteNumber, Sint16  
xScreenPos, Sint16 yScreenPos, double angle, double zoom)
SDL_Rect  destinationRectangle;
 destinationRectangle.x = xScreenPos;
destinationRectangle.y  = yScreenPos;
 SDL_Surface *temp = SpriteBMP[spriteNumber];
SDL_Surface  *temp2 = rotozoomSurface(temp, angle, zoom, 1);
 destinationRectangle.x -= (temp2->w /  2);
destinationRectangle.y -= (temp2->h / 2);
 SDL_BlitSurface(temp2, NULL, Screen,  &destinationRectangle);

Hi the above Class function centers properly the new scaled and/or rotated  
BMP 100%.
Problem now is that is crashes after a set period of time
(Access Violation error)
Any ideas about this crash, perhaps I am doing something wrong in above  code 
Thanks in advance!
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