[SDL] dodgy touch pads + tuxpaint + neil ramble

Neil White neil at cloudsprinter.com
Wed Sep 20 13:48:12 PDT 2006

I was reading ffplay.c for the FFMPEG library, and it uses SDL to 
display a decompressed movie.

At the begining of that file there is this bit of code:
#include <SDL.h>
#include <SDL_thread.h>

#ifdef __MINGW32__
#undef main /* We don't want SDL to override our main() */

And after that, the definition of main() is done the normal way:
int main(int argc, char **argv){ /*[...main code here...]*/ }

Now this seems specific to MINGW32 enough and I wonder what motivates 
this.  I just read through the file src/main/win32/SDL_win32_main.c and 
I believe what this to avoid the arguments reading, and error messaging 
(where it uses windows message boxes and ffplay might want to display 
errors another way).

But it also removes the definition of the stdout.txt and stderr.txt, 
they become undefined i believe (unless they are defined to something else)

Reading more in this file gave many occurences of:  #ifndef 

And I believe this is the correct way to disable these output files. 
However this method seems to require a recompile of SDL, to make a 
version of SDL that is a bit less suitable for development, but more 
suitable for a final product.  Your way of doing things seems a bit 
tortuous and I wonder if it's not just simpler to #undef main like in 
ffplay's example above.

Disabling sdl's main will remove this code:
	/* Redirect standard input and standard output */
	newfp = freopen(stdoutPath, TEXT("w"), stdout);
	newfp = freopen(stderrPath, TEXT("w"), stderr);

Of course it also disables many other things specific to windows and I 
wonder how it can affect the rest of the program's functions.  So this 
should give a few good pointers for exploration, however, make sure to 
understand how experimental this exploration will be! ;)


Tim Carlsen wrote:
> Hi All,
> I'm using SDL with MingGW (gcc 3.2.3) under Windows 98
> SE.
> There's a way to disable stdout redirection that isn't
> mentioned in the SDL FAQ for Windows:
> http://www.libsdl.org/faq.php?action=listentries&category=4#85
> I'm curious if it works for people using other
> compilers or operating systems.
> <main.c>
>   #include "pmain.h"
>   int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {
>     return(pmain(argc, argv));
>   }
> </main.c>
> <pmain.h>
>   #ifndef PMAIN_H
>   #define PMAIN_H
>   int pmain(int argc, char *argv[]);
>   #endif
> </pmain.h>
> <pmain.c>
>   #include "SDL.h"
>   #include "pmain.h"
>   /* pseudo main function */
>   int pmain(int argc, char *argv[]) {
>   }
> </pmain.c>
> Instead of main(), you now use pmain() as your main
> function.
> This code disables stdout redirection on my system.
> How it works:
> - if SDL.h is included (either directly or indirectly)
> in the source file that contains main(), then stdout
> is redirected to stdout.txt (as it should be)
> - if SDL.h is not included (neither directly or
> indirectly) in the source file that contains main(),
> then stdout redirection is disabled
> This little trick was discovered by the people working
> on Nuvie:
> http://nuvie.sf.net
> --
> Tim Carlsen
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