[SDL] SDL_Mixer lag

Peter Mulholland darkmatter at freeuk.com
Fri Sep 1 01:51:30 PDT 2006

Hello Ryan,

Friday, September 1, 2006, 9:23:44 AM, you wrote:

> This is a terrible idea, though, largely because it adds a ton of delay
> and inefficiency to the equasion.

This is not quite true. This is exactly how Windows sound operates,
there is a "kernel mixer" that mixes sound from DirectSound, waveOut
etc into one stream so that multiple apps may use the sound card. The
latency is very small. The problem is that both ESD and aRts
implementation of it, sucks :)

I'm not a Linux user really but I do belive ALSA implements multiple
opening of the sound device, when the sound device has a hardware
mixer eg SBLive/Audigy etc. This is the proper way to do it IMHO, but
they should have a software fallback for AC97 and similar chips.

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