[SDL] Rotozoom errors...

L-28C leo28c at gmail.com
Sun Sep 10 17:20:25 PDT 2006

Hello everyone!
When I try to use SDL_rotozoom, I get the following linker error: (VC++ 

Game.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol 
__imp__rotozoomSurface referenced in function "public: int __thiscall 
Game::Init(void)" (?Init at Game@@QAEHXZ)

The only references to it in my program is the #include "SDL_rotozoom.h" 
and a call to rotozoomSurface()...  Why is this?  Thanks!

~ Leo, M@$73r L3170, Sulfurik, Kixdemp, L-28C... Whatever you wanna call me.

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