[SDL] Forcing a refresh rate

Gabriel Gambetta mystml at adinet.com.uy
Sun Sep 10 10:51:09 PDT 2006

Hi guys,

We're adapting one of our games to run in touchscreen machines for the
skill-with-prizes market.

The testers at one of the networks complain that the touchscreens are
"miscalibrated" with the game. After a bit of investigation, the problem
appears to be that the game sets the 800x600 video mode at 85Hz, and
they request that we alter it to 60Hz.

The game uses SDL without doing anything weird (ie pretty standard init
code). Also, because they use ancient machines with Windows NT and
DirectX 3.0 I'm not sure if the game is running with the directx or the
windib driver (and for several reasons I'd rather not ask them to look
at the log file)

In either case, is there any way to force a specific refresh rate?

Thanks in advance,


Gabriel Gambetta
Mystery Studio

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