[SDL] Non-network lag?

L-28C leo28c at gmail.com
Sun Sep 10 00:01:12 PDT 2006

Hello everyone!
OK, my game runs fine on a 2.8GHz laptop, but it runs kinda skippy on 
another 1.4GHz comp...  I mean, both run at the same actual speed... 
Like, if I put them both at the right side of the screen and push the 
Left key at the same time, they both get to the left side at the same 
time...  But the 1.4GHz is laggy...  Is there a common workaround to 
this, or should I post some code?  Thanks! ;-)

~ Leo, M@$73r L3170, Sulfurik, Kixdemp, L-28C... Whatever you wanna call me.

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