[SDL] SDL Performance once again

Maxim Mozgovoy rg_software at hotbox.ru
Thu Sep 7 09:13:29 PDT 2006

Hello everybody,

I have read a couple of discussions on this topic but still haven't formed a 
consistent picture in my mind.

The question is simple: suppose I initialize SDL, and perform a simple loop:
    Erase the whole screen
    Blit a background image
    Blit several sprites
    Pefrorm flip

How many FPS should I get on a typical modern hardware (say, 1,5 GHz 
processor and a decent videocard; 1024*768*32b) under reasonable 

I know it depends on hardware/software surfaces, fullscreen/windowed mode, 
etc., but still? In my case it is usually 70-80 FPS, no more (while I 
expected at least 150).

One reply in the newsgroup was something like: "if you want to get speed in 
SDL, you should use OpenGL, otherwise you execute a generic cross-platform 
(slow) code". Is it really so? I mean if I want speed, I should forget about 
all SDL functions for blitting and about third-party routines for primitives 
(like SDL_prim), and begin to study OpenGL?


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