[SDL] SDL_Video - Help with fullscreen, suppressed mouse

Damian Sobieralski dsobiera at asu.edu
Wed Sep 6 16:34:02 PDT 2006

 Okay, I'm just about to give up.  Some suggested the SVN snapshot might
offer a fix for this however, after trying my best to compile from svn I
give up! I had to install MSYS, ActivePerl (I assume this will work) and
then autoconf is complaining about Autom4te/C4che.pm. This is
ridiculous! I just want to display a fullscreen SDL app with the mouse
pointer suppressed and get accurate mouse click coordinates. Is SDL not
ready for prime time yet? I don't mean this as an insult but this seems
like a fundamental problem that is making me wonder what I am doing
wrong over and over again.

 *sigh* Does someone already have the latest SVN snapshot of 1.2 SDL for
win32?  I'd like the developer libs and sdl.dll all ready to go (no
compile). I've spent half a day on this and there's no guarantee that
"upgrading" will even fix this. My apologies, in advance, if this is
rubbing anyone the wrong way. I'm just getting VERY frustrated.

 I really would like to use SDL, but the support for it seems rather
lacking.  If I was trying to do something fancy with OpenGL I could
understand the slow response. But trying to get a suppressed mouse to
register clicks correctly?

 One last wave of asking for help and then I give up.  I'll have to use
direct win32 calls and scrap SDL as not being mature enough (which is
what my customer is interpreting what I am telling him about the snafu).

 Would updating my ticket in bugzilla get a quicker response? Is there
another official response path that I can go?  I'm willing to put in as
much effort as I can to assist but I'm not sure how to get assistance.
Other than the ticket assigned to someone on the same day I posted it
(8/23), nothing has happened to the ticket since I first put it in.

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From: "Damian Sobieralski" <dsobiera at asu.edu>
Subject: Re: [SDL] SDL_Video - Help with fullscreen,	suppressed mouse
	and mouse click coords
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> From: Torsten Giebl <wizard <at> syntheticsw.com>
> Subject: Re: SDL_Video - Help with fullscreen, suppressed mouse and
mouse click coords

> Why are you calling SDL_ShowCursor hiding and showing in
> your main loop ?

 So that I can see where the mouse cursor is at so I know where I am
clicking. Otherwise, in fullscreen mode, how am I going to know where I
am clicking if I dont cycle it like that (if there's a better way,
please let me know)?

> Please checkout also the latest SDL SVN version.

 *sigh* I tried that and followed the instruction at:


 I installed MSYS but when I go into the SDL directory and try to issue
./configure I get an error "sh: ./configure no such file or directory".
There is no configure script in the 1.2 SVN checked out tree that I

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