[SDL] Touchscreen error

benang at cs.its.ac.id benang at cs.its.ac.id
Wed Sep 6 03:28:28 PDT 2006

Hi, sorry (again) for asking the same question (again). I know that it has
been asked before. Well I have the same error with Damian Sobieralski (the
originator of "[SDL] Fullscreen with mouse pointer suppressed" e-mail).
The difference is I'm using Linux SuSe 10 (couldn't get the driver run for
Fedora 5). If I set the screen into fullscreen and hide the mouse pointer,
the touchscreen's click coordinate is not accurate. Sometimes it can only
detect half of the screen horizontally and the coordinate is recognized as
exactly a few hundred point more in the X-axis, sometimes the coordinate
is recognized as a few hundred point more in the X-axis and Y-axis, etc.

If I didn't hide the mouse pointer or if I hide but not in fullscreen, the
problem didn't occur. How can I solve this problem?

What if I create a new mouse pointer with all transparent color? Is it
still the same with "SDL_ShowCursor(0);" (then the problem still occur)?

Thanks in advance.

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