[SDL] different platforms support in SDL 1.3

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Fri Oct 6 14:38:33 PDT 2006

> I'm watching the current SDL 1.3 development process and thought one thing:
> support for different platforms is not the same in different in SDL parths.
> For example there is support for Mac OS 9 audio in
> SDL-ryan-multiple-audio-device but not for video

The Mac OS 9 audio APIs still work on Mac OS X...while no one would 
reasonably need this SDL audio target on OS X, it isn't hard to maintain 
at this moment, so it makes sense to keep them around in case we need to 
debug a CoreAudio issue.

> same thing with BeOS (though there was a message from someone who 
> want to maintain BeOS port). Is this OK?

I think all platforms are welcome still, if someone will actively 
maintain them. I think we need to be more aggressive in 1.3 about 
deleting unmaintained platform code, though. For example, I deleted the 
AmigaOS audio driver, since it added a bunch of driver-specific crap to 
the core code which hasn't been maintained in 2+ years...as there are 
OS4 and MorphOS codeforks of SDL that the original author recommends 
instead, this code had to go.

As for why video and audio drivers are deleted out of sync: The rest of 
the AmigaOS code will go away after I merge my audio branch back into 
the Subversion trunk...otherwise, all the other audio drivers will 
survive for now, as the changes needed are relatively minor if all you 
want is to keep the same level of functionality that 1.2 provides.

The video core has changed much more dramatically...since the backends 
need serious reworking if not rewrites to support it, a lot of drivers 
are getting deleted. This probably leads to the discovery that a lot of 
them won't actually be missed, either. The ones that are will get 
updated over time by interested individuals; this was the way they got 
into SDL in the first place, too. For the time being, I don't think it 
hurts anything to leave the BeOS audio code without BeOS video 
code...but eventually the lack of one will probably lead to the deletion 
of the other.


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