Ferran Ferri ferranferri at yahoo.es
Fri Jan 20 15:15:59 PST 2006

Simon <simon.xhz at gmail.com> wrote:

> > Network programming has so many nasty what-if situations.  :)
> True, that's why I was asking about the limits in the first place...
> it seems nobody ever tried to find vulnerabilities in SDL-based code,
> or are there anybody who tried?

i don't think there are any, at least not in the linux/win32 codepath.
SDL_net is a rather thin layer around bind/accept/connect/send/receive
so it does no buffering or threading on its own which is most error
prone in network code.

> Anyway, I will be working on a first draft soon and I will possibly
> try to crash it all ways possible and find the limits the hard way.
> I wonder how the base library is strong against buffer overflows,
> etc...

see above.

best regards ...

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