[SDL] Reopenning video.

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Assunto: Re: [SDL] Reopenning video.
Data: 08/09/05 15:38

> > opengl will almost always be faster than SDL 2D - it can be hardware
> accelerated.

I know that it should be faster using OPENGL, but in the case of smpeg
video, dont know why, but smpeg+opengl just work without threads, and when
using it, the buffering gets slow [ memory->video card buffering].
I think that its because dont have how to insert YUV direct to video, or
something like it. Dunno.

> > opengl can do 2d buts its a bit different( basically you have to call
> > all the opengl setup stuff again, but optimised so 2d looks better ).
If im right, working with SDL 2d, is to work with planes in front of the
view, I tryed, and the mem->card after YUV->RGB is slowing my videos

> > but saying SDL_SetVideoMode(/*stuff*/); without SDL_OPENGL should
> >
> > SDL_OPENGLBLIT is deprecated, AFAIK.
Yes, should work.
But when running a second SDL_SetVideoMode(), the screen dont update!
If have something that should be done before rerunning it, please, tell me.

Thanks again,

Diego Contezini

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