[SDL] Reopenning video.

Dwork dwork at redesul.net
Thu Sep 8 10:06:16 PDT 2005

> Is this Windows with the latest DirectX installed? It seems that
> something has broken there...
> All you should have to do is recall SDL_SetVideoMode(). You might get
> better results if you explicitly call SDL_Quit() before the second
> SDL_SetVideoMode(), but you shouldn't have to do this...this is an SDL
> --ryan.
Im using Linux, with X11 installed.
I tryed SDL_Quit() and got the same result :-(.
I would not like SDL_Quit() because i dont want to lost my textures by
memcard, but, anyway, its not working..
Can it be a bug in SDL?
Diego Contezini
"No way to heaven, No way to hell!"
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