[SDL] Serious problems with SDL_net and OS X

Steaphan Greene stea at cs.binghamton.edu
Wed Sep 28 14:44:57 PDT 2005

On Wed, Sep 28, 2005 at 03:46:25PM -0300, Christopher Corkum wrote:
> I've got a problem here with a game I'm working on that I have been
> pounding my head against for a while now - enough to make me put the
> project on hold and work on something else.  I have a multiplatform
> SDL/OpenGL game near completion that will compile on Linux, Windows, and
> OS X without any problems, but for some reason, the SDL_net-based
> multiplayer, while working 100% on Windows and Linux, -completely-
> refuses to work on OS X. 
> [SNIP]

Just to clarify, are you using UDP here (in which case packets may get
lost or arrive out-of order), or TCP (in which case they should not)?

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