[SDL] Sound and Music

Andre Krause post at andre-krause.net
Wed Sep 28 00:14:29 PDT 2005

do you plan to release your c++ wrapper it to the open source community? 
i'm especially interested in the streaming code to stream ogg files. in 
conjunction woth boost::iostreams ( 
http://www.boost.org/libs/iostreams/doc/index.html ) this would allow to 
stream ogg files directly out of an archive / resource file...

Elden Armbrust wrote:

> I've heard similar things from other people.  Just recently I wrote a 
> c++ class which abstracts much of openal and adds streaming from ogg 
> vorbis files, urls (ogg), and icecast streams.  While FMOD may claim 
> to be the fastest audio API (which I've yet to see any real data to 
> back up), the implementation I've built is nearly as stable, more 
> compatible across Windows/Linux (from my and others experiences) and 
> didn't cost a penny to implement.  I don't plan on adding mp3 support 
> to the library for a few reasons: 1) mp3 licensing is expensive 2) 
> mp3s have a stigma associated with them now as being the pirates 
> chosen audio format 3) most listener tests confirm ogg as having 
> better audio clarity at higher bitrates and better compression at 
> lower bitrates (this isn't MY opinion, but that by many people 
> including the hydrogenaudio guys)  I have been communicating with the 
> icecast guys to make sure the class is fully compatible with icecast.  
> I've noticed no speed differences between OpenAL (using my library) 
> and FMOD EX. (Not that is noticable without extensive testing with 
> specialized equipment)
> I plan on adding speex and FLAC support as well (without using a 
> library such as fishsound).  Where am I going with this?  Why pay for 
> Fmod (5000 copies of a game or application is exceeded QUITE easily, 
> especially when you distribute via the internet.) when there are 
> viable alternatives which have actually proven themselves in 
> commercial games/applications?  Like Ryan, I'm not trying to start a 
> debate.  I just want to point out that the majority of the benefits 
> that you pay for in FMOD are available in OpenAL.
> Ryan C. Gordon wrote:
>>> FMOD is a really nice x-platform sound API, and Ex has added a C++
>>> interface that is pretty darn nice. Certainly fits more nicely into my
>>> code.
>> Not to refuel this debate, but I had to rip FMOD out of Lugaru right
>> before shipping because it was having a bad time with ALSA users, and
>> for a game that was only going to sell a handful of Linux copies, we
>> weren't interested in paying for the source-access licensing (especially
>> when we'd be paying to fix someone else's bugs at the last minute).
>> We put OpenAL in there instead; complete replacement took less than a 
>> day.
>> Frankly, there isn't much I like about FMOD after that experience. FMOD
>> Ex sounds nicer, but I'm genuinely hoping that we'll soon be thinking
>> about paying for audio libraries the way we think about paying for web
>> browsers.
>> --ryan.
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