[SDL] Graphics/Audio Driver selection at runtime

Steven Johnson SDL at sakuraindustries.com
Tue Sep 27 14:49:13 PDT 2005

This would obviously be a concern for each application.  But in my case, 
i was thinking of allowing the driver to be selected at runtime, as a 
command line argument.  And a second command line argument to display 
the available drivers on the console, and then exit.

But you could, alternatively, start up using the default selected driver 
and then in you app, produce a configuration screen, to select one of 
the available drivers, like you would with available screen resolutions, 
etc.  Save this selection to a config file of some sorts, and then 
restart the application.  This is much more than i need to do, for my 
application, but it could be the way to go with a game.


Ryan C. Gordon wrote:

>> SDL ensures binary compatibility for major releases. Breaking it should be 
>>due to 2.0.
>Adding functions doesn't break backwards compatibility; we've added
>several things in the past few releases (such as the dynamic loading
>API, etc).
>A better concern is "How do you prompt the user for which video driver
>they want to use before they can draw things to the screen?"
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