[SDL] SDL_ShowCursor not working

Doodle doodle at scenergy.dfmk.hu
Tue Sep 27 06:33:54 PDT 2005

Ryan C. Gordon wrote:
>>ive got an SDL app in a window running opengl, when the mouse moves over my 
>>window, the mouse disapears. Show cursor has now affect.
>>Im using the latest version of sdl (1.2).
>>any ideas why this could be?
> What platform?

Btw, speaking about cursors, I've also found an oddity, which affects 
all the supported platforms:
I think that if SDL emulates the cursor (so, uses SW cursor), and the 
video surface is a HWSURFACE, then SDL_UpdateRects() will not draw the 
cursor, because that branch of the 'if' has no logic to handle SW cursor.

Also a problem is that if the user blits directly into the screen 
surface (HW surface, again) using SDL_UpperBlit(), then SW cursor can be 
overwritten/deleted, there is no logic to handle that.

I don't know if these are known problems, just thought that I may note it.


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