[SDL] SDL and XServer

Elden Armbrust earmbrust at xero-soft.com
Tue Sep 27 03:21:19 PDT 2005

I *think* (if memory serves me well) that when using X, the keyboard 
handler is built into the X-server.  It's possible that your X isn't 
loading the required server to handle the input.  I may be way off, but 
I'd look into what all subsystems X loads under normal circumstances, 
and see if there is an independent keyboard input server. (Like gpm for 
console mouse interaction)  Hope you find the issue, and hope that my 
guess helps. :)


jorgefm at cirsa.com wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm trying to run a SDL application in an embedded enviroment,
> where the X-server has no window manager. My app uses OpenGL and
> it's running in fullscreen and the video is opened with this flags:
>   // Calculate video flags.
> The mouse and video are working properly but I have a problem: I don't
> get the keyboard events in my app, it's like the keyboard focus is on
> other window (there are some internal X11 windows created by SDL). The
> same app in my workstation with the KDE and so on, is working ok, then
> I think is some thing related to the window management.
> I've tried the next code with no luck. Anybody knows how to get
> keyboard events ?
> Thanks,
> Jorge
> //-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> //! Helper function to activate the window.
> //  
> static void ScreenActivate()
> {
>   SDL_SysWMinfo wm;
>   // Get window info.
>   SDL_VERSION( &wm.version );
>   SDL_GetWMInfo( &wm );
>   // Lock to display access.
>   wm.info.x11.lock_func();
>   // Show the window on top.
>   XMapRaised( wm.info.x11.display, wm.info.x11.wmwindow );
>   // Set the focus on it.
>   XSetInputFocus( wm.info.x11.display, wm.info.x11.wmwindow,
>                   RevertToParent, CurrentTime );
>   wm.info.x11.unlock_func();
> }
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