[SDL] SDL bug reported and fixed but not included???

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at clutteredmind.org
Tue Sep 27 02:01:14 PDT 2005

> Some time ago I reported a bug in SDL 1.2.8 on this list and included a fix. 
> Hower it has not been included in the 1.2.9 release. Any reason for this?
> I never did recieve any response on the mailing list for the fix...

A bunch of patches were getting dropped through our own negligence...we
put out a call for patches we missed before 1.2.9's release, but perhaps
you were having mailing list problems at that point?

We're trying to be a bit more diligent about patch collection now. As
for your specific patch:


I've put it in CVS now, so it'll be in 1.2.10.


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