[SDL] libtool question

Enrico Weigelt weigelt at metux.de
Sun Sep 25 17:47:13 PDT 2005

* Johannes Schmidt <sdl at myrealbox.com> wrote:
> On Tuesday 20 September 2005 21:54, Enrico Weigelt wrote:
> > I'm still working on getting my own libtool implementation and
> > SDL running together (since I need it for sysroot'ed building).
> >
> > What I did not yet understand is:
> >
> > How is libtool been told, whether a library shall be built or
> > linked-against statically vs. dynamically ?
> >
> > Could anyone help ?
> I do not know exactly what you want, but

Well, I'll try to explain this a little bit:

SDL.so consists of many smaller libs, these are first build one 
by one and then linked together. These (partial) libs are not 
installed, just SDL.so (AFAIK). 

When they get linked together to libSDL, they're in "uninstalled" 
state (created by --link, but not yet installed with --install), 
so I assumed "uninstalled" libs imported by other libs are linked 
statically. Now I've got some packages (ie. glib or gtk), where 
this is obviously *NOT* the case: several libs are linked together,
but these are installed too, so we can link dynamically.

BTW: this is not just waste of space, but also can lead to problems
with duplicate symbols and global variables.

So I have to find out, how libtool decides whether it links one 
lib against another statically vs. dynamically.

> ./libtool --help --mode=link
> may give a hint 

not really. the offical documentation also doesn't say anything 
about this.

> (or look directly at the source).

if this is a joke, it's not really funny ... 

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