[SDL] Mix_LoadMUS_RW

Elden Armbrust earmbrust at xero-soft.com
Sat Sep 24 19:17:44 PDT 2005

Hehe, nono..I meant you won't see a difference as far as performance 
(not memory usage).  Using the standard SDL_mixer *functions* you'll 
definitely see a memory usage difference.  I still suggest checking into 
the link I posted along with that message.  While the implementation 
will differ slightly (due to it being about OpenAL) the loading should 
be nearly identicle, if not exactly the same.

Gabriel wrote:

>>My mistake, I misread the original post. (Work tends to make one skim 
>>more than usual...sorry about that)
>>As for Mix_LoadMUS_RW: You won't notice any difference (in reality) 
>>between using a standard channel, and using the pre-allocated Music 
>>channel from SDL_mixer.
>Oh yes I do! Instead of decompressing a 1:45 ogg file to memory (25 MB)
>and play it as a sample, I have the 1.7 MB ogg in memory and the mixer
>decompresses it as needed. 
>	--Gabriel

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