[SDL] GNU GCC 3.4.x problem with inline assembly on SDL

Roberto Prieto dm2 at mi.madritel.es
Mon Sep 19 23:50:08 PDT 2005

Hello Alex,

I dont use ebx on my code, so I dont store it to restore before 
and the same piece of code works with GCC 3.2 & 3.3 but indeed, it does not 
work with GCC 3.4...

when you said that ebx is stored on edi... do you mean that automatically 
the compiler does this copy(ebx->edi)?
because it could be my problem... I have done testing and when I modified 
edi.. the routine fails, so Im going to
store edi. Anyway, I will see the assembly code generated by GCC 3.2 & 3.4 
and check the differences.

I will be out on holidays until next week so I can not respond you but I 
want to thank you for your reply.


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> It appears a slightly different version of that patch has already been
> applied to CVS a long time ago. For CPUID opcodes, the ebx is saved into 
> edi
> and later restored from it. The mixer code has long been changed since 
> that
> patch (since rev 1.2; the S8 mixer has another bug, but it's worth its own
> thread).
> I really don't know what the push/pop ebx is supposed to accomplish in the
> patch referenced, as ebx is already saved into edi there. It seems to have
> been taken from another patch and applied here in vain.
> You just have to remember one of the CDECL calling convention rules: ebx,
> esi, edi registers are callee-saved, so if they get clobbered in your
> function the compiler has to save them and restore on return. I am no gcc
> expert, but I recall gcc likes using ebx as base in relative addressing 
> when
> in PIC mode. There is probably a bug in your gcc 3.4.x that prevents it 
> from
> correctly accounting for ebx in the clobber list. The compatibility rule
> seems to be here: "do not touch ebx, or save it yourself".
> Alex.
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> From: Roberto Prieto
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> Subject: [SDL] GNU GCC 3.4.x problem with inline assembly on SDL
> Hi all,
> I have spent a lot of time trying to compile SDL (v1.2.8 and the latest of
> CVS) in a new system with GNU GCC 3.4 and I was very close to became
> crazy... there werent any compilitation error...but... there are a lot of
> problem at runtime (most of them with my own inline assembly code).
> After long troubleshooting I compiled with old GCC 3.3 and everything
> started to work successfully... so I looked for something on google and I
> found this:
> http://mail-index.netbsd.org/pkgsrc-bugs/2004/06/07/0003.html
> When this patch will be integrated with CVS? I think is very important
> patch.
> I think this could be asked on a GNU forum but... maybe here....anyone 
> knows
> where I can find more information about that bugs? because I have a lot of
> inline assembly and it failed! I imagine that I only have to add a push 
> ebx
> and pop ebx...
> Thanks in advance
> Roberto Prieto
> megastorm at mi.madritel.es
> http://www.megastormsystems.com
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