[SDL] no keyboard attached -> error

johannes raggam raggam at adm.at
Mon Sep 19 07:03:40 PDT 2005

hello again,
again this question,

an sdl based application won't start without a keyboard attached. there 
must be an error in the sdl-library.

i have to check it soon, but i think that
initializes the keyboard. and if no keyboard is present, the library 
will produce an error and prevent the application from starting.

maybe anyone knows the sdl functions in detail and can give me a hint.

and when i find the solution i will post it here.


johannes raggam wrote:
> but when i boot the client whithout an keyboard attached, so that the 
> system bios recognizes that there is no keyboard - mngplay won't start.
> it must be a problem with sdl...
> may someone can tell me where i have to hack the sdl sourcecode, so that 
>  sdl initialization works without keyboard?

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