[SDL] [OT] Sound and Music

Simon Roby simon.roby at gmail.com
Sun Sep 18 20:56:00 PDT 2005

On 9/18/05, Tyler Montbriand <tsm at accesscomm.ca> wrote:
> It's about as portable as portable gets under UNIXes.  mmap originated in BSD
> and now almost everything has it.  Even Windows has something like it 95 and
> CE included.  I doubt things like Palm and Playstation support it.
> I've been toying with making an SDL_mmap library to make it portable-r,
> because I think memory mapping is very elegant;  you get the simplicity of
> loading the whole 50 megs into memory(not even kidding, I've seen lots of
> things do that) without the huge memory waste.  The OS decides which bits
> float in memory, and doesn't have to swap any of it to disk to get rid of it
> -- it's already on disk!  You can even warn the OS you're going to use the
> memory sequentially, so it doesn't pollute the cache with stuff that's only
> needed once every music loop.

I fully agree, a portable mmap abstraction would be an incredible
addition to SDL. There should be a decent fallback on platforms that
don't support it though...

- SR

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