[SDL] SDLNet_resolveHost

Catatonic Porpoise graue at oceanbase.org
Sun Sep 18 11:00:26 PDT 2005

Tyler Montbriand wrote:

>I had to find out the actual host IP address for one of my projects, faf, 
>derived from SDL_webserver...  the IP address detection currently works under 
>win, linux, and mac.  It's in it's own file in the tarball somewhere, maybye 
>you'll find it helpful.  http://burningsmell.org/faf/
Of course, even that is not useful for anyone behind a NAT who wants 
people on the Internet at large to be able to connect. In that case, 
it's not possible to detect the NAT's IP address without asking an 
external server on the Internet. Hence a lot of programs have an 
"External IP Address" preference somewhere, which the user has to fill in.

I say this because I suspect the original poster might want to write a 
program that is usable in that sort of situation.


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