[SDL] Feature Query System (Was: Some multithreaded improvement to the event queue...)

Ovid East ovideast at ovideast.com
Fri Sep 16 10:38:31 PDT 2005

There is a great deal of variability in the PDA hardware market from 
device to device. There are some devices with graphics hardware 
acceleration. There are other device that have "acceleration" hardware 
features that are actually slower than doing the work with the CPU. 
There are also devices with just plain dumb frame buffers. If anything, 
PDA apps need capability checking more than PCs.

Also, I would not try to do "resolution independant" processing on a PDA 
just yet. The computational horsepower is not available yet, espically 
when the OEM trend is to install higher pixel density screens without 
coresponding increases in processing power.

Patrice Mandin wrote:
> This is the type of example I would not like to see in SDL applications.
> It is too much PC-centric. You forgot that SDL run on some hardware
> console (ps2, dreamcast) or on PDAs. I don't know how people will
> upgrade their
> PDA :-).
> Also, in modern apps, you should be able to adapt to what has been given
> to you. For example, OpenGL programs should be runnable in whatever the
> video resolution is (from 320x240 to 2048x1536, etc...). And 2D programs
> can be adapted the same way (zooming is easy to do). The only difference
> will be speed.

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