[SDL] Sound and Music

Andre Krause post at andre-krause.net
Thu Sep 15 01:56:55 PDT 2005

Koshmaar wrote:

>> sure, the big one games do not need this. but they are commercial.  but
>> my little game (just a simple 3d tetris, www.gravytris.tk) is exactly 
>> the sort of games that profit from  single .exe style! just download 
>> , start and have a short, entertaining time.
> Sure, your project may be easily packed to one .exe, but I think that 
> for the majority of other projects - that's not true.
> Btw, so you are the author of GravyTris? Congratulations, I was 
> playing it some time ago and kinda liked it :-)
> Koshmaar
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yes, i wrote that game.
after some searching the web, i found code how to load a dll directly 
from memory:


i did not tested that, but if it works, one can store even dlls in a 
resource file, unpack it to memory and then dynamically load it !

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