[SDL] Re: Show a form in SDL

Casey O'Donnell caseyodonnell at gmail.com
Wed Sep 14 11:46:18 PDT 2005

Yes (98% of the time) and no (2% of the time). Sometimes if you're
tracking down a graphical bug, the debugger can change your timing,
doing it that way just doesn't work, popping into the debugger either
makes time-based code meaningless or if you have no idea about where
in the timing things get whacky. You can set watch variables which
might help though.

I actually prefer having debug menus/debug text that can just print
over my visual context. I can help you with something like that if
you're doing OpenGL (or you can check out the many examples on Nehe or
something like that.). I don't use the 2D side, but you could probably
just print some text to the screen for debugging purposes.


On 9/14/05, Simon Parzer <s_parz at yahoo.de> wrote:
> Albert Fernández Marsal wrote:
>  > ...
> >     The idea is to show a form to track some objects of the application
> > but without loosing the viewport of the SDL.
>  > ...
> You could use a debugger for that....

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